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Z Square Solutions provides custom software development, mobile app development, web app development, digital media services, visual and print media solutions to emerging brands and organizations

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We understand the ever-evolving nature of technology

Mobile App Development

Our seasoned team, with a decade of experience in custom mobile app development across diverse sectors, excels in crafting tailored strategies. We immerse ourselves in your business environment to understand market dynamics and align with your specific needs and goals. Our team will help you to achieve your goal.

Web Development

Z Square Solutions specializes in web development, focusing on mobile web and e-commerce solutions. Recognizing that 85% of consumers consider aesthetics and usability in purchase decisions, they prioritize the vital role of a website’s appearance and functionality in today’s competitive market.

Amazon Store Management

Achieve your business goals with the expertise of our dedicated team. Enabling Systems provides customers with a Dedicated Project Team that caters to all the needs of customers. We believe in your business ideas and our project team strives to help you achieve your business goals efficiently. Partner with us, and let our dedicated team turn your business ideas into reality, ensuring efficient goal achievement.

Digital Solutions

Discover how we can elevate your organization’s productivity, giving you a strong edge in the competitive market. Schedule a consultation with us to delve into our specialized services. We tailor strategies to align with your unique business objectives, ensuring your team operates at its highest potential. Don’t miss this chance to enhance your efficiency and maintain a lead in the evolving business landscape. Contact us today.


VoIP enables voice calls over the internet, replacing traditional phone lines. It converts analog signals to digital for internet transmission and back to analog at the destination. Z Square Solutions is a top VoIP service provider, offering high-quality communication services for global businesses. VoIP’s popularity is rapidly growing as businesses transition to this efficient communication technology. It facilitates fast and cost-effective global communication.

Internet Of Things (IOT)

Enabling Systems offers comprehensive solutions, spanning from the web to smartphones. We transform your ideas into tailored business solutions, optimizing them for your objectives. Our web applications ensure a seamless and user-friendly customer experience, enhancing your online presence. Furthermore, our expertise in IoT empowers your business with data-driven insights and control, harnessing the potential of connected devices to drive innovation and efficiency.

Technologies We Work On

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) involves machines mimicking human intelligence to perform tasks, finding applications in diverse fields, from healthcare to finance. Its automation and problem-solving capabilities are revolutionizing industries.

Dot Net

.Net Development

With 6 years of experience and hundreds of .NET projects completed, our development abilities permit our clients to safely trust us with their most complex .NET projects. We developed our first ASP software in 2015.



Python is the second most powerful programming language that was ever invented. And Django is the most prevalent framework for Python. Django may not be as beautiful as Python, but it’s powerful.

Android & IOS

We love taking ideas and transforming them into real applications. We have a separate vertical for iPhone and Android programming. It has its own mobile-centric programmers, designers and SQA professionals to bring state of the art business apps.


We employ specialized firmware architects, experienced in developing our internal and customers’ embedded systems. Our core competency is completing the job we started. Besides developing new systems from scratch, we have also fixed numerous firmware developed by others.

data scientist

Data Scientist

Our Data Scientists analyze large volumes of data and help organizations uncover hidden patterns in their market trends, customer preferences and other useful business info which traditional BI software easily ignore

node js

Node JS

We provides end-to-end Node JS opportunities from digital strategy and planning to website design and development, as well as full data migration, extensive API integrations, scalability, performance and long-term guidance and maintenance.


We develop enterprise solutions by using Odoo business management software. Our experienced Odoo developers harness the potential of this software suite to build scalable, secure, and robust web solutions that meet your specific business needs



Most of our PHP engineers are masters of their trade with a lot of real-world project development experience. Besides native PHP, we have completed hundreds of projects working in frameworks like Laravel, Yii, CodeIgniter, WordPress, Magento and Zen Cart.


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