Z Square Solutions provides HR Software which Automate your administrative tasks. Calculate salary and taxes, manage leave and attendance, Expense claims, and more operations with the best HR Software.

The Benefits of Z Square Solutions HRM Software

Automated Updates

An automatically updated employee database makes staff transfers, promotions, and admissions a lot easier.

Calendar Integration

Google calendar integration makes it easy for those with access rights to monitor everyone’s meeting schedules.

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Faster Approval

All requests, such as cash advances, leave, and expense claims, can be tracked and processed instantly.

KPI Evaluation

Employee assessments can be performed more seamlessly based on the trackable KPI of each employee.

Key Features of HRM Software

Payroll Management

Calculate salaries based on working hours, overtime, and attendance accurately. Generate CPF reports instantly!

Employee Database

Manage employee database including personal and financial info in a secured and centralized platform.

Expense Management

Manage cash advances, allowance, reimbursement, and other expenses easily and generate reports accurately.

Attendance Management

Track employee attendance which is integrated with the attendance record machine and analyze it automatically.

Employee Contract Management

Manage employee contracts in real-time from anywhere and get an automated alert if the contracts are about to expire.

Leaves Management

Simplify leaves request management, update leave balance automatically, and adjust to leaves policy easily.

Complete HRM Software Integration


Accounting System

Integration of the Accounting System with the HRM Software will help you get a better analysis of your business cash flow.


Timesheet Management System

Monitor and track employees’ work hours easily and automatically generate analysis reports of their performance with the Timesheet Management System.


Competency Management System

Our Competency Management System helps you overcome workforce skill gaps and better identify potential employees.


The recruitment and selection process involves identifying job vacancies, sourcing candidates, conducting interviews and assessments, and ultimately hiring the most qualified candidates for the organization.

HR departments are responsible for overseeing and managing all aspects of an organization's human resources, from hiring and training to resolving workplace conflicts and ensuring legal compliance.

HRM functions include recruitment and staffing, employee onboarding, training and development, performance management, compensation and benefits, employee relations, and compliance with employment laws and regulations.

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