CRM Sales

Z Square’s CRM tool helps companies track and manage their interactions with customers and prospects throughout the sales cycle. Boost your sales team productivity with Z Square’s most complete Sales Management System!

Benefits of CRM Sales

Centralized Customer Data

Provides a centralized database for storing and organizing customer information. Sales representatives can access and update customer details, including contact information, purchase history, communication logs, and more.

Sales Performance Tracking

It provides real-time visibility into sales performance metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). Sales managers can monitor individual and team progress, track sales targets, and identify areas for improvement.

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Improved Accuracy

Calculate sales commissions accurately based on sales targets achieved by each salesperson.

Improved Sales Efficiency

CRM streamlines sales processes by automating various tasks and workflows. It allows sales teams to manage leads, track opportunities, and automate follow-ups, reducing manual effort and eliminating administrative bottlenecks.

In-Depth Analysis

Figure out your effective and ineffective marketing efforts by identifying your lead sources.

Key Features of CRM Sales

Quotation & Sales Order Management

You can create different quotations for multiple leads, convert them to sales orders, and generate invoices instantly using one system.

Multi Price List

Create a different price list for each prospect and send quotations based on the specified price lists through the system.

Sales Target Management

Get your sales targets defined more clearly, assign tasks to the right sales reps, and monitor the progress made by each salesperson.

Payment Follow-Up Management

With automated follow-up reminders, your sales reps can easily track unpaid invoices and send reminders to customers via email.

Sales Commission Management

Our system saves time by automating the calculation of commissions for each sales force based on the targets they have achieved.

In-Depth Analytics Reporting

Generate comprehensive sales analytic reports that can be viewed in various formats, such as pivots, line charts, pie charts, and bars.

Complete CRM-Sales System Integration


Accounting System

Integrating the Sales & Lead Management System with the Accounting System will help you better control and analyze sales expenses.


Inventory Management System

The Inventory Management System helps the sales team know the availability of goods and provide the right information to prospects and customers.


CRM-Leads System

Sales and CRM-Leads integration will enable you to identify the best prospects, estimate revenue, define lead stages, and many more.


Purchasing System

The Purchasing System makes it easier for the sales team to submit purchase requests for goods/services to ensure the smooth running of sales operations.


HRM System

The HRM System automates the calculation of salaries, commissions, incentives, and allowances. It helps you analyze your sales team performance as well!


CRM sales software provides historical and real-time sales data, enabling businesses to forecast future sales performance accurately. This helps in inventory management, resource allocation, and overall business planning.

CRM sales focuses on managing leads, opportunities, and customer relationships within the sales process, while CRM marketing is primarily concerned with lead generation, marketing campaigns, and customer engagement before leads become sales opportunities.

CRM sales helps businesses streamline their sales processes, improve lead and customer management, enhance customer relationships, and make data-driven decisions, ultimately leading to increased sales and revenue.

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