Z Square Solutions provide Powerful Integrated Warehouse Management Software System. The Warehouse Management System helps optimize the use of your warehouse space, allowing you to automatically calculate and track your warehouse capacity.

The Benefits of Z Square Solutions Warehouse Software System

Reduced Storage Costs

Accurate warehouse capacity calculation helps you avoid wasteful use of shelves or warehouse space.

Faster Goods Retrieval

The systematic placement and recording of goods make the retrieval of the goods faster and more efficient.

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Maximized the Usage of Space

Automated product & rack dimension measurements help you maximize the use of space in your warehouse.

Optimized Multi-Warehouse Efficiency

Users can manage the layout and capacity of multiple warehouses at once through a single system

Key Features of Ware House Software

Product Dimension Tracking

Track the height, width, and weight of each item in your warehouse to figure out the right location to store the item.

Put away Strategy Settings

Determine storage strategies for items that have just been received before putting them into the most appropriate locations.

Location Dimension Management

Automatically calculate the dimensions of your warehouse locations and adjust them to the capacity of the goods that will be stored.

Put away Capacity Checking

Check the capacity of goods, record it to the system, and determine the appropriate bin locations for goods that have just been received.

Warehouse Pallet Racking

Arrange the shelves in your warehouse. Create shelf categories based on type & function and seamlessly create rack numbers.

Warehouse In-Depth Reporting

Find out how efficient your warehouse management is through complete analytic reports that can be viewed in various formats.

Complete Warehouse Management System Integration

Purchasing System

Purchasing System helps you plan the budget, control the procurement, and simplify supplier management.

Warehouse manager

Accounting System

Accounting Systems can assist you in performing inventory valuation and financial forecasting.

Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management Software helps you track inventory levels and generate comprehensive inventory reports.

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Z Square Solutions provides a software application or a set of processes that helps businesses track and manage their inventory. By using Z Square Solution’s Inventory Management Software company can efficiently monitor stock levels, track sales and purchases, streamline order fulfillment, and optimize inventory control.


Z Square Solutions provides a set of processes, procedures, and tools designed to facilitate and streamline the acquisition of goods, services, and resources needed by an organization. It encompasses the entire procurement lifecycle, from identifying the need for a product or service to the final payment and evaluation of the supplier's performance.

Supply Chain

Z Square Solutions provides robust ERP Supply Chain Management Software. Supply Chain Management Software enables you to keep up with fast-paced markets with complete visibility and advanced analytics. You can plan, source, deliver and forecast the right products at the right time.


Warehouse design involves factors such as location, layout, storage systems, and automation technology. It aims to maximize storage capacity, minimize handling times, and optimize material flow.

Warehouses contribute to business operations by enabling inventory management, facilitating timely order fulfillment, reducing lead times, and optimizing the flow of goods, which ultimately leads to cost savings and improved customer service.

Warehouses come in various types, including distribution centers, fulfillment centers, cold storage warehouses, bonded warehouses, and cross-docking facilities, each serving specific storage and distribution needs.

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