Z Square’s Electronic invoicing provides the facility of sending and receiving invoices in electronic format rather than traditional paper-based invoices. It involves the exchange of structured invoice data between businesses in a standardized electronic format that can be easily processed and automated.

The Benefits of Z Square Solutions E-Invoicing Software


Eliminates the need for manual data entry and paper handling, resulting in faster processing times, reduced errors, and improved efficiency in the invoicing process.

Faster payment cycles

E-invoicing enables faster delivery and processing of invoices, leading to shorter payment cycles and improved cash flow management.

Improved visibility and tracking

Provides better visibility into the status of invoices, allowing businesses to track and monitor the progress of invoices in real time.

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Cost savings

Eliminating paper, printing, postage, and manual processing costs, e-invoicing can significantly reduce the overall cost of invoicing for businesses.

Enhanced accuracy

Reduces the chances of errors that can occur during manual data entry and invoice processing, resulting in more accurate and reliable invoices.

Compliance and audit readiness

Often involves adherence to specific standards and formats, ensuring compliance with tax regulations and making it easier for businesses to prepare for audits.

Key Feature of E-Invoicing

Invoice Generation

Create invoices with personalized templates for different clients. Print them in PDF or send them directly via email.

Invoice Approval & Validation

The system allows you to process approvals and validate each invoice that is given a special price or discount.

Online Payment Management

Allow customers to make payments through an online payment gateway. Send receipts through the same portal.

Credit Limit Management

Our system makes it easier for you to set different credit limits for each client based on the price of your product/service.

Tax & Discount Management

With Z Square's e-Invoicing Software, you can automatically calculate taxes and discounts for certain invoices.

Real-Time Invoice Reporting

Our robust e-Invoicing System lets you figure out the age of your invoices & quickly find unpaid invoices to find out your total income.

Complete E-Invoicing Software Modules Integration


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System Integration

Integrating e-invoicing with your ERP system enables seamless data exchange between the invoicing system and other business processes. This integration ensures that invoicing data flows smoothly across departments and reduces manual data entry.


Purchasing System

Connect e-Invoicing to the Procurement System to make tracking and paying invoices from your vendors easier.


E-Invoicing Service Providers

Collaborating with an e-invoicing service provider can simplify the integration process. These providers offer platforms or solutions that handle the technical aspects of e-invoicing, ensuring compliance with standards, data security, and reliable transmission of invoices.



Connect CRM Sales to e-Invoicing to make it easier for the sales team to generate invoices immediately after receiving orders from customers.


E-invoicing involves the generation of digital invoices in standard formats and their exchange between businesses and their trading partners using electronic systems or platforms.

  • Faster invoice processing
  • Reduced errors and disputes
  • Cost savings on paper, postage, and storage
  • Enhanced data accuracy
  • Improved compliance with tax regulations
  • Better visibility into financial data

E-invoicing systems typically incorporate security measures like encryption and authentication to protect sensitive invoice data. However, businesses should still take precautions to ensure data security.

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